Acoustic Infrastructure Monitoring

AIM – Acoustic Infrastructure Monitoring - Early fault detection in mechanical systems

AIM is a universal predictive maintenance solution for early fault detection in mechanical systems based on acoustic signals. Early fault detection and an improved reporting system increase availability and reduce operating and maintenance costs.

Mechanical systems such as escalators, lifts, energy converters and train components all have their pitfalls: the mechanisms are prone to faults and subject to high levels of wear and tear, and they have to be checked frequently for damage.

In the past, only experts with a trained ear were needed to determine the condition of the equipment and to pinpoint imminent technical problems based on the noise from the mechanical system.

AIM offers a universally applicable solution that constantly monitors the condition of mechanical systems acoustically. This increases the availability of the system and reduces maintenance and repair costs. Remote Ears remote diagnostics can also be used to optimise technicians' travel times.

Advantages offered by the new solution:

  • Acoustic monitoring of the state of mechanical systems in real time
  • Event reporting and visualisation of system status
  • Remote Ears for remote diagnosis of systems
  • Expertise in analysing acoustic data
  • Mechanical systems speak – AIM listens
  • Listens: AIM uses airborne and structure-borne sound microphones to continuously listen to the background noise of mechanical systems.
  • Analyses: AIM uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to recognise imminent disruptions and deviations from the normal state of the system at an early stage.
  • Notifies: The status of the system is visualised in real time to plant operators and service technicians, and imminent faults are reported at an early stage.
  • AIM is a universal solution that can be deployed on any type of mechanical system. The AIM box is installed in the system without connecting to any of the system's controlling components, which makes the solution non-invasive.